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Microchip Your Dog Without Delay!

It has been announced that from 6th April 2016 every owner in England will have to have their dog micro-chipped` by law. According to the government, owners who don't comply risk facing fines of up to 500.

In 2011 126,176 stray dogs were picked up by dog wardens and other welfare organisations. Of these, 31% were reunited as a result of being microchipped and a further 6% thanks to their collar tag.

Microchips offer a more permanent way of making sure your pet is always identifiable and that you can always be contacted in the event of them being found.

Book an appointment at Richard Smith Veterinary Surgery today to beat the rush, we will microchip your dog for just 25.55.

You just need to make sure that if you ever change your telephone number or move house that you update your registration information - details of how to do this will be sent with your registration certificate.

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